There’s a Beginning in every Ending

No doubt that you were the professor that every student would love to have. I mean who doesn’t like to listen to personal stories of your lecturer that inserts some information about the topic in our heads without us knowing;  the one who gives away free food when available and shows competence and especially compassion in teaching.

What I admired you the most is your fortitude to face adversity with solitude and wisdom. To confront problems with determination with respect thereof.

Surely I’ll miss you next semester and your teachings.


A Second Chance

Ma’am, if you are reading this, please give me a second chance to take the Quiz 11 this week. I had to attend a Christmas Party of a non-profit organization from 5:30 – 9:00pm that extended to 11pm because my parents ( actually my dad had a little booze or two ) was enjoying the Zumba.

I’m really sorry for missing out on that quiz. I’m just afraid of that fear of falling apart.

Heartache after a Setback

There’s actually a good reason why I haven’t made this blog for the deadline last Monday. I actually lined up at SM North 5 am and yet still did not get any ticket/s because of the lousy SM management, Mcdonalds’ idiot crew staff that opened the garage door 3 seconds after the people started running to the ticket booths, and the scalpers that were actually just shit for making money of two universities that are equally diverse and immense in terms of population.

But what transpired on December 2 was actually okay for me. We did not win but it was nothing of what I expected from you guys. Nothing short of my expectation and you clearly showed prowess and talent in and off the court. Clearly our loss to La Salle back in 2013 was clearly a heartache but going strong always shows consistency of the leaders that UST has been producing all throughout history.

And as for BPO, Ma’am Kit…. ang hirap ng mga bonus questions….

Double Burger

Well I had to drink coffee which I don’t usually do and bring a neck pillow to ease the stress of a 5-hour make-up class. I enjoyed the free McDo burger and another one from my burger-hating friend.

Well nothing much has happened because of the discussion but I would like to have that kind of sched rather than the 7am one.

Fear of Falter

This is an unrelated blog to what I usually write but here goes.

I just hate this idea that there’s a massive storm that already made landfall in our country and all people care about is (ughhh) AlDub. I mean people are going to get pummeled by a super typhoon in the Northern and Central Luzon and all people are focused on a past time show were popularity and TV ratings matter. Just as Bianca Gonzalez tweeted awhile back, people ARE pressured to retweet and put hashtags in their post regarding the phenomenal segment in a portion of the noontime show “Eat Bulaga.”

Are we really too desperate to blend in the trend and lose apathy in what really matters most ? In the recent news about candidacy for president , most people were amused by the statements and propaganda’s of each forerunner including me. But to be honest some or rather most of what people have stated makes a lot of sense. WE have a vision in this country to make it as economically progressive and resilient against neighboring and rival countries. What people are losing sight off is that they want to make a change but forgotten that there are a billion kinds of plans, ideas, and motives for this country. Many people were dismayed by the decision of the Davao City Major Rodrigo Duterte not running for presidency but are we ready for that kind of change? The amusement alone of the idea that people are getting dragged in a jail cell because of a simple misconduct is worth it were to happen.

“We put first consideration of the joy of the ones closest to us rather than the survival of our country.” I don’t know if I translated that right from the movie “Heneral Luna” but yes we have this faux image in our minds that there are other people who can do it, so why do it ? I do believe that in a fascist government, change will bound to occur but is this the only reason for change to become a reality; or the last resort for the country’s inevitable destiny.

Cherry on Top

So I will only write this blog because of the extra-curricular activities that I do and I only thought of writing this now and not the previous blogs because I thought that the blogs that are needed to be posted are the ones related to the course.

In my free time, when I’m not eating and playing computer games I often use my free time to think of random stuff and write them when an opportunity comes in. Atrocious endings with an upset climax are the ones that soothe my mind when I read novels and whatnot or trying to recreate a moment. I do serve in an out-of-the-school youth organization but the meetings only happen twice a month the reason being most of the members are also in college and majority of us are in the year of do-or-die. I recently joined the Thomasian Film Society and hope to be qualified as a sports writer in TomasinoWeb.

“It’s not faith but of my own will”.

– Anonymous (

Two In One

Now these past 2 weeks there are two things that had happened that I never imagined will happen in those separate weeks. Now for the 1st week before the last, we did use the 3 hours wisely; which is nice, and second of all I experienced a first world country downloading speed of 10 mbps, which is also nice.

Now this past week there are 2 things that I never thought that will happen. First was seeing you mad and second was you leaving the classroom.

Let me just share to you my insights about that had happened.

First, “Ma’am dapat pina-office niyo na lang si Cagiumbal HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.”. If there is one thing that I learned about my father over the years of making him mad most of the time is that to stare down someone while I’m mad and to enumerate all the shitty things he/she has done. Now, you might ask me as well that I should also be needed to be escorted to the office but the speed in the ICS Lab is something that I never imagined will happen in my life, parang bumili ka ng siomai na 4 pieces tapos 5 lang yung nasa lalagyanan tapos binigay na lang sa’yo yung extra kasi sayang, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Is there something that I at least contributed to your atrociousness ?

Somehow yeah. I wasn’t really focused that much because I need to make a comeback in Statistics 2 hours before you got mad and I got really bored when the succeeding group to us just made their powerpoint to be beautiful; just that; beautiful. ( no offense but that’s just how it goes for me). Maybe in the sense that I was in the back really made an impact on how well I retained my attention to the speakers because for me content matters in powerpoint.

Sabi nga nila: “Sorry is the hardest word to say”.

And I’m sorry.